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Replace old, ineffective insulation in your home or office. Add insulation where none exists. With its extremely high R-values (up to R-23.7), RetroFoam™ is the most efficient and cost-effective choice for insulating existing buildings.

The chart below shows overall savings with RetroFoam™ when savings are 20%, 35% and 50%. Enter your information below this chart and we'll calculate your projected energy savings over time with the installation of RetroFoam™! Even with only 20% savings and low expectation of energy cost increases, RetroFoam™ can pay for itself in less than four years. Think of what you can do with 10 years of savings!

This chart shows savings in your pocket after recovering the initial investment, with various projected savings.

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Your Energy Bill

Your Expected Increase in Energy Costs

According to the Department of Energy, the national average energy pricing is increasing at a 5.6% annual rate. Using this figure, a $150 electric bill today will climb to $322 15 years from now. In many areas this rate is higher. You can experiment with different estimates to see the effect on your potential savings.

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