RetroFoam™ Testimonials

"I just wanted to let you know I am enjoying how quiet the Retrofoam has made my house. I knew it would help somewhat but I did not realize just how much. It has eliminated all the noise I used to hear from the wind blowing my vinyl siding. I am anxious to see what effect the insulation has on my utility bills. I sent an email out to all my neighbors telling them about the Retrofoam Insulation & the great service from your crew & company.
Best wishes for continued success."
Peter H., Toledo, OH
"The house is so much more quiet and easier to heat. We don’t have the drafts we used to have. The RetroFoam™ dealer left my home cleaner than before."
Dacia S.
"We are writing to say a warm thank you for making our everyday living so much more comfortable. We would also like to add that we found RetroFoam™ (the company) offers a very efficient and tidy operation."
Grant D.
"I love RetroFoam™! We’re saving 40% a month on our heating bill! Our home is a renovated farmhouse built in the 1940’s. You could honestly hear the Northern Ohio winds hiss through the walls. Now our house is comfortable to sit in year round and there are no more drafts."
Laura & Rod B.
"We noticed the difference immediately after having RetroFoam™ installed. Our furnace used to cycle every 10 minutes when set at 69 degrees; now it cycles every 45 minutes at 66 degrees. Also, the house is not drafty anymore."
Steve D.
"Since we had RetroFoam™ installed we noticed the house is much more comfortable. We used to notice the windy days, but now our home is very quiet. We have a bump-out area in the dining room where the floors were always cold, but now we can walk by our bay window in bare feet and the floor is toasty warm."
Matt R.
"RetroFoam™ helped us save significantly on the energy bills in our shop and made our homes more comfortable. It’s easy for us to sell RetroFoam to our customers! We know its benefits first hand."
Robert Hafler, Pres., RetroFoam of SouthWest Mi.
"We are using less heating as the warmth stays around longer and many drafts have gone. An unexpected consequence has been a change in the sound of the house, which feels more enclosed and has lost its hollow sound. Our thanks to you for a job well done quickly and efficiently."
Michelle E.
"We were previously troubled by mold in the bedrooms of one particular side of the house. But since the insulation there has been no sign of dampness. The overall temperature of the house remains more constant and the heat from the winter sun is not lost immediately at sunset. Similarly when using electric heaters the room temperature can be maintained by thermostatic control very economically."
Claude C.